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Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy for WeRMany Support Community

Last Revised on: Sunday, October 26, 2019.

Welcome to WeRMany! We're glad you're here. We Provide a safe place for persons who have been diagnosed with or think they might have Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) or a related condition. We are also a support site for friends, family, and supporters of such persons as well as trauma survivors in general. Since we are a support site, we have to lay down some ground rules to keep everyone safe and keep the support available for everyone. Please take a moment to review the following terms and conditions of use. By registering an account for, accessing, participating in, posting content to, downloading content from (or otherwise "using") this site and its services, you agree to be bound by this Terms of Service Agreement. If you do not agree to this agreement in its entirety, please do not register an account for, post to, access, or otherwise use the site in any way.

We've designed these rules to be flexible while providing the most protection for us and our members. Continued violation of these terms may result in an eventual ban if the rule violation is chronic.

The TLDR Version:

  1. Don't Be a Jerk: Treat others like you want to be treated. Bashing, flaming, insulting, or otherwise abusing others is not allowed here.
  2. Respect the Staff: Site Admins (the users with RED Usernames) and Moderators (the users with BLUE Usernames) are here to enforce the rules and keep the peace. Please follow their requests and don't give them a hard time because you disagree with the rules or something. Remember, the mods nor other admins didn't write the rules, I, ArticWolves did. There's no use in giving a mod or other admin beef over a rule that they're only enforcing on my behalf.
  3. Don't Take Others' Work: Be Original in your postings and comments. If you use all or part of another person's article, post, etc. please give them credit for it.
  4. Speak English: While we are an international site with users from all over the world, our moderation and admin teams are not sufficiently trained in all languages and thus cannot fairly apply rules and procedures to content written in any language other than English.
  5. Change is Part of Life: While we get it that most people Don't like change, it's an unfortunate part of life. we have the right to make alterations to this terms of service at any time to address issues and keep the peace.

The Complete Set of Rules:

1. No Person under the age of 13: Due to a U.S. Federal law called the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998, we cannot allow users under the age of 13 for any reason without a bunch of paperwork that we don't have the resources to deal with. If you are having trouble registering an account for one of your alters or sub-accounts, please talk to a member of staff.

2. Be Respectful: This is a support community and as such bashing, flaming, name calling, or being intentionally nasty to each other is counter productive. Everyone has their own opinion and differences in opinion are welcome, what's not welcomed here is childish games and drama such as name calling because someone's opinion is different than yours. If you disagree with someone's opinion please do so in a respectful manner within the rules.  Should a difference in opinion be too much for you, please take a moment to put the offending user on ignore.

3. Respect Gender Identity Preferences: Sometimes people's gender preferences might not be readily apparent and so we recommend looking in their user profile in eDirectory or just asking.

4. No Double Posting: There's no reason to reply to your own thread just to watch it go to the top of a specific area as the last active item, boost your post count or rank, or just "get it seen faster". If you need to edit your post to fix spelling or add something to it, please click the edit icon It looks like a pencil.

5. Use Image Gallery to Post your Images: rather than attaching the picture to a post or thread or externally hosting it on a site like photobucket or imgur, please use the image gallery in the community menu.  Using the gallery allows for a central place to store, discuss, manage, and interact with images.

6. Don't Abuse the PM System: The Personal Messaging ("PM") system (a.k.a. "MessageDesk") is not to be used to bully others or to get around the rules. Those found to be abusing the PM system will have their PM permissions revoked.

7. Keep Personal Information Personal: While we offer the ability to add your Points of Presence (like Skype, Discord, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) and some legacy systems (like ICQ), We highly encourage you to weigh the risks and benefits of filling out these fields. Remember that there are some people online who are intent on causing harm, trolling, and causing chaos. Adding this information to your profile has the potential to open you up to real-world consequences. This policy is not just limited to the digital world, and care should be taken not to reveal such information like your real name, email address, phone number, or other information that could be linked back to you in the real world.

8. Chat Room Policy: We've got a chat room just like everyone else these days... all the rules that apply in the forums and elsewhere apply in the chat.

9. No Advertising or SPAM: We hate it like you hate it. No one here wants to know where to get cheap pharmaceutical drugs, knockoff Jem and the Holograms dolls, or whatever you're selling. Take that stuff elsewhere. Posting useless junk just to raise your post count or bump your rank is not going to work and we'll deal with it by at a minimum deleting the offending posts. The only exception to the rule is you're allowed to link your website in your profile by filling out the appropriate field and you can link to anything you'd like in your signature so long as it's appropriate and can be done tastefully.

10. Don't Post anything you might regret later: These forums are public and as a result great care should be taken to not post anything that if someone like your mother, younger sibling, or boss found it later would cause adverse events.

11. Know Your Profile and its Privacy Settings: Your User Profile is a very powerful thing and can be used to limit who can see what information and interact with you. Most if not all sections in the profile have a setting that controls access to it in the Profile Privacy section of the UserCP. We recommend making use of these features to control access to you and your information. Along with using your profile privacy settings, make use of the friends, contacts, and ignore lists. These features work hand-in-hand with your profile to help control access to you and your information.

12. Uploads Policy: Don't upload anything which infringes on another persons' copyright or other intellectual property rights, will cause harm to a user's device, or in general is malicious.

13. Copyright Enforcement Policy: if it wasn't your original work, give credit where it is due. Also don't link to sites to obtain pirated software, books, movies, music, etc.

14. Off-Site Meetings Policy: While we encourage users to open up to us, we highly discourage users from meeting off site (in person, by phone, or on other platforms like Facebook). If an off-site interaction goes sideways, our site policies and rules cannot protect you.

15. Cyber bullying & Discrimination Policy: Cyber bullying is not allowed here and all reports of cyber bullying will be investigated and appropriate actions taken including termination of your account and possible law enforcement action. Further discrimination against another person based on their actual or perceived race, national origin, religious beliefs or affiliations, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, disability, or other such protected attribute or class is strictly forbidden and will result in at minimum a suspension and if necessary termination of your account and law enforcement involvement if it's serious enough.

19. One Account Per Person: Every user is allowed to have at a maximum ONE (1) account for their personal, exclusive, and non-commercial use. Users found to have opened multiple accounts for any reason will have all accounts banned. If there is some special reason you need a secondary account, please contact staff and we will handle it on a case by case basis. There is yet another exception to this rule and it is to allow alters to have their own identity on the site. There is to be a maximum of One "master" or "host" account and an unlimited number of "alter", "personality, or "sub-accounts"

20. Just Because We Can, Doesn't Mean We Will: The owners, operators, administrators, and moderators have the ability to alter, move, remove, disable access to, or screen all pieces of content. Just because we have this ability does not guarantee that we will use it in a timely manner if at all. If a piece of content truly offends you, place the user on ignore. If the content violates the rules click on the report button to let staff know.

21. No Mini-Modding: In short, if you're not a member of staff, don't act like you are or that you have special influence over staff or our policies. If you notice a rule violation, please let the staff handle it. If it's urgent, please hit the report button.

22. Any person found to be soliciting personal information from members under the age of 18 will be banned without warning and if necessary information turned over to the authorities.

23. Change is a part of Life: While we get it that people don't like change and actively avoid it; sometimes changes to this terms of service may be posted to address problems, keep the peace, and help keep everyone safe. We'll do our best to notify users via in-site notifications, email, or MessageDesk of changes in time to allow everyone to get used to the changes or to ask questions. We encourage all users to review this page frequently to ensure they are familiar with the most current version of the rules.

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